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Exploring the worlds best coffee
We select and roast best specialty coffee from all around the world.  
The Story

CoffeeDo is journey, where you are invited to taste more than 40 specially selected and roasted coffees from around the world, especially for you.

Coffee always was my passion, during rush working hours, i drink up to five cups per day. It is bad you say, it clear my mind, relaxes and boosts me for next steps. I like not only the taste, but the brewing process,  where you can empower some chemistry while you grind, brew and way you drink it. I like the variety of taste, which depends of different factors, starting from origin, harvesting process, production methods, grind types and brew methods. If you get closer to it, it is not less complicated as wine, but it is totally opposite why we drink it. Wine complexity is for relaxation, while coffee for productivity boost. Both can give extraordinary taste,  or even after-taste experience.


CoffeeDo is start-up in coffee industry, where you are invited to join the coffee journey. Dont waste your life drinking bad coffee.

CoffeeDO is a 2022 start-up project.

At the current stage we will go with several brands, for market acquisition, but all of them are premium segment only. Project also consists of building an infrastructure, web platform for e-commerce, loyalty system and region badges for clients.

If You have an idea, project, start-up or just need an advice, we are here to help: