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Furniture with style
The Story

Primewood is furniture design and production company who is oriented on compicated design and production solutions.

There are moments in your life, when you realize that there is something special, unique and stylish should cover your walls and take a part in your interrior. You know what you want, but there is a lack of products in the market, and possibly it is faster to make it than trying to find it.
This is the story behinf primewood. Take it as simple credo – if you want something – build it.
It started just with few products in portfolio – LOFT lamps and smart kitchen, which became popular emong frinds and treir freinds, afterwords we converted it into a business.

Design elements came first

LOFT in design

Design in details…

on a hard wood table top coffee tastes better, with a proper warm light inspiration is deeper. My idea was to build a world behind this belief. Warm retro design with copper elements on a cold stone base, and family and friends support – that what I needed to move forward.

I’ve started with simple design elements, like wooden phone stands or copper lamps, but there is always was a story behind every product and … personal¬† touch

Design elements became more complicated, like curved wood and hard top table tops, kitchen-transformer tables and now house designs.


There are tabletops where coffee taste better

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